Society-Lady Annett Möller presents her fashion collection at “Platform Fashion” – our Newsha Hairspray was a special gift for her VIP guests

Everybody in Germany knows her from TV, especially from RTL or ntv! Annett Möller has a special charisma. She enchants her audience in every situation, For example while telling news form all over the world, or while presenting or her own fashion collection on the catwalk, or as well as in our Newsha Lounge while getting a beautiful hair styling, She always is extraordinary charming! This extremely lively woman prefers doing everything by herself, she loves creating fashion and with her AMCO collection she really lives her passion. From the beginning of creation until the final fotoshooting, Annett is involved in all steps of the process. Now she presents her newest fashion collection on the cutwalk of “Platform Fashion” in Düsseldorf and asked Newsha to be her partner. This idea was born after Annett Möller got in contact with Newsha on the Fashionweek Berli. Because she was so enthused by our styling she asked for a Newsha Hairspray to be an exclusive gift for her special guests. This is a sponsoring that absolutely fits to Newsha and we are very happy about this cooperation with Germany‘s most charming TV-moderater. You can find her collection at www.amco-fashion.com