NEWSHA Straightening System

Triple.S Liquid – smart | simple | straight

With little effort the exclusive Straightening System enables an enviable sleek hair structure for up to six months. The natural fall and volume of the hair remains preserved. You will experience a totally regenerated hair feeling. The Newsha Straightening System with the patented Triple.S Liquid is an exclusive in-salon treatment. Thanks to five highly effective amino acids the hair immediately becomes straight and noticeable regenerated and calmed.

Smart regarding time exposure. Simple in application. Straight in the result!

The salon finder will show you which hairdresser in your surrounding area offers the NEWSHA Straightening System with the patented Triple.S Liquid.

The highly effective liquid works like a beauty jet fast and focused inside the hair structure. The in-salon application is so fast and simple like never before.


Firstly wash the hair with the NEWSHA Deep Cleansing Shampoo.


Knead the Triple.S Liquid in lengths and tips, apply 20 minutes. Afterwards rinse hair thoroughly.


Blow dry the hair and seal strand for strand with an iron.

The Triple.S Liquid is appropriate for all types of hair. For customers who prefer an ultra-sleek look or have very strong frizzy hair we recommend the SUPER STRAIGHT BALM in addition to the TRIPLE.S Liquid.

parallax layerparallax layer


You spend a little time at your hairdresser´s to have an incredibly and substantial relief in your every day hair care and styling program: an enviable sleek hair structure for up to 6 months!

Before the application with the Newsha triple.s Liquid the hair structure is frizzy and lustreless. the hair seems dry, rough and stressed.


After the application with the Newsha triple.s Liquid the hair is hardly recognizable. the hair is strengthened, falls smooth and straight and shines in new brilliance. the hair structure is calmed, the hair is revitalized and noticeably healthy and cared.

parallax layer
Never before my hair was so easy,
simple and fast to handle and style.

Natural hair

Straightening Before 1
Straightening After 1

Chemically treated hair

Straightening Before 2
Straightening After 2

The innovative Straightening System fascinates by the first contact.

The trendsetting Straightening System is fascinating – already after the first try.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Salon-owner, Switzerland:
»Already during the test phase it was clear that the Triple.S Liquid would be a new milestone in hairdressing business. Never before such brilliant results in such less time were possible. Our clients solely need to spend one hour to experience an incredible straightening result. The Triple.S Liquid fulfils the highest demands of hairdressing as it allows perfection in short time and makes it possible to satisfy the costumer requests.«
Susanne Kampner
Susanne Kampner Customer:
»I’m in love with my hair stylist. And I just met him. My friend told me about this new Straightening System and I booked an appointment at the salon right away. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of a product that helps me reliably to deal with my natural frizzy, wavy hair in a long term and without complications – with no success. Now, I found my personal miracle cure. My hair was never so beautiful and easy to style. This perfect hair feeling is unbelievable. Now I am the one who gets the jealous glances from the other girls!«
Jennifer Penkert
Jennifer Penkert Education:
»The test customer´s enthusiasm during the implementation of the Triple.S liquid at the industry fair in Duesseldorf was impressive. We could not even fulfil all the requests during the fair even if we created the wonderful sleek looks in hourly intervals. This fantastic response has demonstrated us that the demand for a fast, highly effective hair straightening system with an 100 percent result is as requested as never before.«
The Press
The Press Much longed for treatment innovation!
Everyday blogger, TV make-up artists and editors are testing the lastest beauty products and highlights according its added value. Immediate they fall in love with highly effective and extensive innovations like the Triple.S liquid and adopt it into their everyday work behind the scenes of a daily soap or star styling’s.
Simple, smart, straight – the new beauty jet!

Frequently asked questions

We provide answers to frequently asked questions.

How does the hair structure change?

After the application with the NEWSHA Straightening System the hair feels calmed, revitalized and strengthened. The natural look and volume of the hair keeps remained while the hair is sleek and shines in enviable brilliance.

How long does the straightening effect last?

The effect lasts – depending on hair structure and care – up to 6 month.

Is the application suitable for all hair types?

The Newsha Straightening Systems suits to all types of hair.

Can the treatment be carried out on color treated or bleached hair?

The NEWSHA Straightening System can be carried out on color treated hair.

Can the system also be applied at home?

No, it can‘t. The NEWSHA Straightening System is an exclusive in-salon treatment for licensed NEWSHA partners.

Is it still possible to curl the hair after the application?

Yes, the hair can be styled with a blow dryer or curling iron.

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The Newsha Straightening System is
literally worth its weight in gold.
NEWSHA Team recommends: In order to maintain the straightening result in long term we recommend the usage of the NEWSHA Daily Ritual Shampoo in combination with the NEWSHA Daily Weightless Conditioner or the NEWSHA High Performance Leave-In Conditioner for daily hair care.  Additionally we recommend the NEWSHA All About Smooth Treatment to be used 2-3 times a week.

To intensify the brilliant shine of the hair, the NEWSHA Luxe Treatment Oil can be used as a finisher and care oil.

Daily Ritual Shampoo

Daily Ritual Shampoo

Daily Weightless Conditioner

Daily Weightless Conditioner

High Performance Leave-In Conditioner

High Performance Leave In Conditioner

All About Smooth Treatment

All About Smooth Treatment

Luxe Treatment Oil

Luxe Treatment Oil

Any questions?