NEWSHA at VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out Düsseldorf

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International hairstylist Michael Salmen – Newsha-ambassador between Europe and Asia

Michael Salmen’s most important piece of luggage is his styling-case. The talented young stylist is booked for several beauty & fashions shootings as well as for film-productions and thus travels from Germany to England, to India, Italy – to sum it up, around the world. His most important companions are … Continue reading

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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: Shopping pleasure “all night long” with Newsha in Düsseldorf

Along the “Königsallee” every year selected stores open their doors for shooping enthusiasts up to midnight. The Vogue always knows what’s “hot” at first and the fashion stores in Düsseldorf – especially the Jades are acting in this international trend league. Due to this fact the Jades was the perfect … Continue reading

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Impressive! The “MYWAY” tested our Newsha Triple.S in the beautiful Salon “Maigold” in Hamburg

The high class magazin “MYWAY” from Hamburg – for the „Forever40ies-Generation“ was very interested to do a self-test! Spontaneously, the stylish Maigold salon opened its doors for 4 women who meet each other for a Newsha Triple.S test. The result: an impressing hair feeling, an impressing salon, 4 impressing women! … Continue reading

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Society-Lady Annett Möller presents her fashion collection at “Platform Fashion” – our Newsha Hairspray was a special gift for her VIP guests

Everybody in Germany knows her from TV, especially from RTL or ntv! Annett Möller has a special charisma. She enchants her audience in every situation, For example while telling news form all over the world, or while presenting or her own fashion collection on the catwalk, or as well as … Continue reading

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NEWSHA sorgte für sensationelle Style-Upgrades der VIPS!

It´s Showtime! Berlin war in den letzten Wochen wieder einmal eine traumhafte Bühne für alle Beauty- und Fashion-Liebhaber! It-Pieces und Hingucker waren in der spannenden Modewoche überall zu sehen. Wer jedoch von Kopf bis Fuß positiv auffallen wollte, war natürlich zu Gast in der Beauty- und Fashionlounge im Humboldt Carré. Namenhafte … Continue reading

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Style for the stylish!

Berlin Fashion Week – NEWSHA provides 300 VIP´s & fashionistas with luxurious hair & heads. For 2 days a team of 8 NEWSHA hair-stylist´s work with full speed on 300 heads! Hourly new VIP guests are brought by private shuttle to the Beauty & Fashionlounge at the Marriott Hotel to get … Continue reading

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Celebrity stylist David Dos Santos recommends Newsha for bad hair days

Every woman knows about “Bad Hair Days!” Hair does what it wantds, everything is tousled, you cannot speak of hairstyle anymore. For a sequence of InFashion magazine Newsha met – private haircare, the presenters Tanja Bülter and Sandra Schneider met with David Dos Santos to share tips and tricks on how … Continue reading

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Celebrities are caught by the Newsha fever

In July all indicators point towards one topic: FASHION. For Fashion Week finally everyone who matters will come together to Berlin to discover the designs of the most popular designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer, Riani or Glaw. Like in the recent years, Newsha – private haircare participated as an integral … Continue reading

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The press in Hamburg and Munich loves the Rescue System

The latest press-events in Hamburg and Munich took place according to the motto “Healed hair in just 15 minutes”. Like in the recent years, selected beauty-editors, blogger and you tuber were invited to test the Rescue System. Many of the guests were “persistent offender” and had made their appointment and … Continue reading

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